Kandy is a bay horse and she is very sweet but will bite things like paper, water bottles, and bags. She can do tricks such as lay down and smile. I am also teaching her to bow and sit. She is pretty good at jumping and coming to me when I whistle. I have had a lot of fun with Kandy like standing up on her bare back. One time when I was walking to the barn to get a halter to catch Kandy I realized my sister Naomi had caught her so I went over there. When I saw why Naomi had caught her I felt very sad for her because she some how had really cut herself on the leg. My mom thought that she mite need stiches so she texted the vet and sent him a video the vet but he said no. It has healed but you can still see it.

Kandy laid down
Kandy holding a bag with a water bottle in it.

In 4-H this year we won pleasure and the horse demo. For the horse demo I laid Kandy down and got up on her backwards then stood up on her. For a carnival we dressed Kandy and three other horses as unicorns and lead people around on them in a circle.

Published by Hazel

I really enjoy riding horses.

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