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Hazel’s Animal Adventures

Latest from the Blog


This year we went sledding with horses. My sister Naomi and me would pull the rest and sometimes Heidi would join in and pull people with a horse. When Naomi and me went on the sled we fell off a lot but it was still fun going sledding. I would pull on Kandy, Pipi, and…


Hi my name is Hazel Deaver and my birthday is January 4 and I am twelve years old. My parents are Tom and Chelsey Deaver. Welcome to my Animal Adventures. Last year I roped off of Kandy at two branding that was really fun. At my Grandma and Grandpa Stewarts branding I got to ride…


Teddy is a puppy he is a one fourth barter collie, one fourth blue healer, and half kelpie in the summer Teddy will be one year old. He is mostly black and has white paws. I am training Teddy and plan to show him in 4-H. So far he can lay down, shake, roll over,…

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